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Star trec 1.JPG

Star Trek Osiris

Dr. Allen in "Shades of Gray

Abusive Fatherin in "The Devils Locket"

With my partner in crime Chloe McDole

This Year Will Be Different

Robert Maples & John Tynan

Preparing for Last Bars

Dr. Julian in "CP Time"



Revenge of the Black Eagle

Morrowroad set.jpg

The Bridge Keeper for "Morrow Road"

Shooting the trailer for Morrow Road

Revenge of the Black Eagle

Behind the scenes of "CP Time"

James Green in "The Spirit of Isabella"

Bennie in "Pit Bulls"

Prison Rape Scene in "Four Walls" .​

Assaulting a fellow prisoner in the film "Four Walls"

                        Seth in "If You Save Me


Agents #1 & #2 in "Tommy Slays the Silver Dragon" 

Signing autographs for "If You Save Me"

On Set of the film Opposition

Cigar on me.jpg
I'm busted.jpg
CB Cab.png
CB CU.png
CB cab st.png
Future set.jpg
Jimmy The Face.JPG
Dog eat Dog.JPG
  • Jimmy the Face in Dog eat Dog
Abusing the lovely and talented lead. Ms Carolann Plank
Working with one of the finest Martial Artist I know Mr. Jay Hawkins
Wheel chair.jpg
We're so busted. The set of "An Eye for an Eye"
An yet another unsavory character
Alisha fight.jpg
Don't let her good looks fool you. I'm about to get whipped.
Boss Hog 2.jpg
Now what does that damn yanky think he's laughing at.
James Green. Yet another villain
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